photo Katerina Cizek
Photo: Katerina Cizek (silo) & Anne Bourne (interior)

Photo: Katerina Cizek (silo) & Anne Bourne (interior)

Silo :: ' there is beauty in decay' Agnès Varda'

site specific multi track improvisation for cello and voice
Composed and performed by Anne Bourne
Recorded and spatialized by Darren Copeland
Mixed by Darren Copeland and Anne Bourne
Commissioned by NAISA of the In/Future Festival at Ontario Place September 2016

Notes : multiple microphones were placed in positions to reinforce distinct spatial characteristics of the silo resonance

The most striking thing arriving on site was how plant life had overgrown the Future Village; the strange silos and geodesic dome that rested abandoned, emerging from the man made islands off shore. In/Future was about to animate the whole site with sound and light installations and integrated music.

On the day we recorded it was hot and there was a lot of sonic interference from ongoing work nearby and a choir of cicadas that set the temporal context. 

By the third cello track I realized I was playing a descending line from a song I had performed at Ontario Place Forum on an early concert tour decades ago. The Forum was always a high point, circular format a revolving stage. If you closed your eyes and then opened them, your eyes would meet the gaze of a completely new listener each time. Everyone had a chance to be close, the band was visible from all views. I had a few memorable concerts in the Forum, but my early experiences rose in the sonic memory of a deconstructed song, the day we recorded Silo; only the lyrics that came through, were of the moment. When I improvise, the text often comes in indecipherable fragments. :

water protectors

high tide
I tire
who rests
in a state of war
there listen
listening to high entire you
entirely you

The opening of the sound installation ignited synchronous to the Fall Equinox/ the perfect balancing of dark and light.