The Tuning Meditation                 DEEP LISTENING® AND Community SOUNDING INTENSIVE


Deep Listening® in this context refers to a listening practice created by renowned composer Pauline Oliveros 1932-2016. Oliveros' own intention of 'listening to everything it is possible to listen to all the time,' becomes embodied through the shared experience of listening and sounding her text scores, Sonic Meditations and Deep Listening pieces.

Deep Listening Intensive:: community singing to create new form together as improvising composers

Text Scores:: with only several spoken parametres, to be interpreted individually while listening to all a sound piece emerges

sounding:: making sound with your voice/ toning vowel sounds/ growling/ breathing/ laughing

sonic anatomy:: listening and sounding for well-being, with attention to the endocrine system on a vibratory level, speaks to the embodied harmony and authenticity to the spirit possible when sounding

listening meditation::  listening attention practices

global and focal listening:: like an involuntary breath towards peace

Individuals may experience a sense of wellbeing from this creative experience

This practice can  inspire interpretations in other modalities such as the the deeply listening body of Heloise Gold,  and the dream work of Ione 

The Certificate Program established by Pauline Oliveros and Ione as an Online Portal will continue from the Center for Deep Listening, at Renssaelar in NY.

I facilitate gatherings of one to three hours, to explore the sounding and listening meditations of Pauline Oliveros, especially The Tuning Meditation. 

Private Music Lessons

I design series of one hour lessons for children and adults, incorporating all sensory sources of sound perception and embodied creativity




Experience with Oliveros

A long time associate of composer Pauline Oliveros, who I consider my friend, and a profound influence, I was one of the original six who travelled to the Rose Mountain Retreats, in Northern New Mexico during the last half of Oliveros ten year tenure, and received the first Certificates in 1998, empowering us to to teach her Deep Listening® materials and Sonic Meditations.

I began to perform with Pauline as soon as we met In fact we met in performance when I was invited by James Tenney to improvise with Pauline over distance in Telepresence for her concert at the Kitchen in NY.

Compelled by Oliveros' listening practices and text scores as active/receptive techniques of composition, I have formed experiential groups to practice Deep Listening®, and I have experience presenting Deep Listening® Intensives at venues such as: Open Ears Festival and Wilfred Laurier University in Kitchener/Waterloo; telematic performance with Columbia and New York from Guelph Jazz Festival; while an intinerant teacher for Prof. Casey Sokol at York University, Toronto; for the Tone Deaf Festival, Kingston ON; for the Mental Health Association, Green Lift: Mood Walks Summit 2015; for a safe space initiative at the Dan School of Drama and Music, Queens University, 2016; Obey Convention, in association with the Fountain School of Performing Arts, Dalhousie University, Halifax; and in London UK, as an ordinary member of The Royal Geographical Society at the Annual Conference, in Human Geography: The Soundscape of Well-being, 2017, I imparted the Tuning Meditation.

I have an ongoing inclusive Deep Listening® Intensive at the Music Gallery in Toronto as an offering of safe space. 

Oliveros with Christopher Willes

I work with artist/ composer Christopher Willes. As part of his international research into the work of Oliveros, which included a synchronized visit to the UK listening spheres as an action for non-violence, Christopher and I facilitated a Deep Listening® Intensive at Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, in 2017. The following summer we were invited in to a residency curated by Xenia Benivolski and Su-Ying Lee, of Feminist Art Museum, for the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. The piece Christopher chose to explore was Oliveros' 1970 composition, 'To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in recognition of their desperation.' Executrix of the Pauine Oliveros Trust Ione gave permissions, and I was engaged as artistic consultant and performer. During the first long days, Christopher invited me to impart Oliveros' Deep Listening® pieces with the ensemble which included Thom Gill, Ame Henderson, Evan Webber, Germaine Liu, Alison Cameron, Brendan Jensen, Ellen Furey, Claire Harvie, Ishan David and Anni Spadifora. And well as listening to sources such as the original sound recording of the commissioned work, and the film by Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz , 'To Valerie..' was played in an open studio format once or twice each day, mutually enhanced by the installations and speaker series of the Feminist Art Lab residency we were part of. Gallery visitors were welcome to sit and listen, some returned. The week culminated in a well documented evening performance. 'To Valerie..' will surface again as a performance, coproduced by the Music Gallery and Art Metropole, in 2019.  This is a Public Recordings Project.

In 2017 at the invitation of Claire Chase(ICE) and Emily Molnar(Ballet BC,) I joined the faculty at Banff Centre for Art and Creativity, in the Collective Composition Lab which invites composers, choreographers and dancers to explore the emergence of new work and new ways of collective arrival through improvisation. In the context of this program, I impart the text scores and Deep Listening® meditations of Pauline Oliveros , and draw from my experience creating work with choreographers, to guide experiential discovery through the intersection of sound, listening and gesture.


a unique composition of Oliveros’ that offers mandala and text description of complex listening, that directs attention to the resonant frequency of the earth from an inner sonic anatomy.  Our premier was at Hallwalls in Buffalo NY, 1998, released on Table of the Elements. We later remounted at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY, recorded for TAIGA records, 2010. And finally a resounding performance at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn NY, for Ten Years Alive on the Inifinite Plain, 2013. At the NY conference on the Art and Science of Deep Listening, at EMPAC, 2014, I presented on Primordial/Lift and Sonic Anatomy.

In 2016, I was invited by the Artistic Director of International Contemporary Ensemble, Ross Karre and Graham McKenzie, Artistic Director of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival to participate with Ione, in a performance of 'Primordial/Lift' in collaboration with ICE, Fritz Hauser and UK ensemble Distraktfold, on the anniversary of Pauline lifting off.. 

In the month preceding Pauline's unexpected passing in November 2016, we were privileged to gather in Toronto for a remarkable quartet performance with Pauline Oliveros, myself, Doug Van Nort, and Ione at the Music Gallery, XAvant 2016. We had a beautiful Deep Listening Circle in the Courtyard the following morning, where the intention to create sanctuary for Deep Listening was established and will continue in coming seasons at the Music Gallery.

For Pauline there were a remarkable number of tributes and memorial events over the course of the first year after. This spoke to the radiant love and deep relationships Pauline had engaged in all over the world and beyond, through her presence of listening and her compassion. At the Park Avenue Armory Memorial, in January 2017, curated by Ione with Claire Chase and Ross Karre of ICE, I lead Pauline's Tuning Meditation in memory love and honouring. The sound of the Tuning Meditation in the architecture of the Armory, with the tone of the day of love and gratitude, sorrow and the joy of life force, is a sound I will never forget.